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Through shared products we are working with our partners to provide unique and innovative solutions for sustainable agriculture

MATER-BI mulch film for processing tomato

From the early 2000s MATER-BI films have been used in some of the main processing tomato-producing areas in Europe. The pioneer in this sector has been the Navarre region (Spain), where today 80% of the mulch films used are biodegradable.

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MATER-BI mulch film for vines

In some regions of Europe, the mulching of vines on an industrial scale is now a conventional technique. Mulching with MATER-BI films makes it possible to control pests during the initial periods of shoot growth, avoiding herbicides or mechanical working.

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MATER-BI mulch film: the experience of "Gli orti di Astolfi"

“Gli orti di Astolfi” is an agricultural company that has been using Mater-Bi mulch film for 14 years and through this it has appreciated not only its environmental advantages but also its technical performances.

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Biodegradable MATER-BI dispenser for pheromones

Isagro has marketed its new Ecodian pheromone dispenser, produced using MATER-BI biodegradable and compostable materials, and this avoids removing and disposing of the dispensers at the end of the season. 

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