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Solutions from agriculture and for agriculture: this is how we help solve specific environmental problems

The choice of applications on which to concentrate focus of the value-chain products is another key aspect of our bioeconomy model. As in the case of applications in other sectors, again in the agricultural context our aim is not to market products that are merely substitutes for already available products, but to help reduce environmental impacts on the ground, water and air.

Thanks to our innovative research activities we have developed solutions dedicated to the agriculture sector that help solve specific problems associated with the end of life, minimise the risks associated with the dispersion of products into the ecosystem and reduce the use of some high environmental impact molecules.

In particular, together with MATER-BI biodegradable and compostable plastics used to produce solutions for growers (mulch films, pheromone dispensers) we have achieved important results in the sector of biolubricants, which if accidentally spilled do not build up toxicity and have no adverse effect on soil quality. Also in the area of PPP (plant protection products) from the biorefinery, a bioherbicide can be produced, based on pelargonic acid, with a broad spectrum and fast effect.



Bioplastics in agriculture

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