Mater-Bi mulching film for vines

In some regions of Europe (e.g. Southern France), the mulching of vines on an industrial scale is now a conventional technique to reduce weeds competition in early stages of the plantation (from the first year). This technique avoids the use of hebicides ad mechanical weeding, two operations that can reduce the growth of the young plants in the early development stages. Mulching with films also makes it possible to reduce soil erosion, maintaining soil structure, and to reduce water evaporation, increasing soil temperature.When conventional non-biodegradable plastic films are used, they cannot be removed and therefore remain in the ground.

Biodegradable films have proven to be a valid alternative, also demonstrating that they can have a positive influence on plant root growth, superior to that in cultivation without film and when mulching with conventional non – biodegrable plastic films. From studies carried out with CREA UTV (The Research Unit for Grapes and Viticulture in the Mediterranean) and in the EU AGROBIOFILM project, MATER-BI films have enabled vines to come into production earlier in the season than plants that had not been mulched.